Cytokine ELIspot & FluoroSpot Assays

Detection of Low Frequency Cytokine-Secreting Cells

Scorpius offers cytokine ELIspot as both a quantitative and qualitative assay. Employing ELISA technology, it is designed to enumerate cytokine-secreting cells with high sensitivity and is useful in detecting low-frequency cytokine-secreting cells (1/300,000). ELIspot offers exceptional sensitivity for the detection and enumeration of rare antigen-specific cells because of its method of capturing and secreting cytokines.

The fluorescence-based method allows for multiplex analysis and Scorpius' ImmunoSpot® S6 UNIVERSAL Analyzer is applicable for both visible and fluorescent detection. Our experienced team can customize both ELIspot and FluoroSpot assays according to specific antigen stimulation and cell type.


Scorpius' ImmunoSpot® S6 Universal Analyzer

ImmunoSpot®’s S6 Universal Analyzer can perform several assay formats including ELISPOT, FluoroSpot, viral plaque, neutralization, and bacterial colony counting assays. Operating with both visible/fluorescence detection and high-throughput cell counting.

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Qualified for Varied Biotherapeutics

Scorpius' ELIspot platform is qualified for regulated studies involving a variety of biotherapeutics, and our team has a proven track record of leveraging this platform to deliver high-quality qualitative results. Speak with one of our ELISpot experts about your specific requirements.