Header image of facility workers in Scorpion's analytical methods development laboratory for biologics manufacturing


Analytical Methods Development

Scorpius offers a comprehensive range of cGMP biologics analytical testing services to support biomanufacturing. Existing bioanalytical methods can be tech transferred and/or custom methods can be developed in-house. Analytical test methods used for QC release testing are qualified or validated to meet the specific needs of the product and cGMP regulatory requirements.

Scorpius employs a “phase-appropriate” approach to method development, qualification, and validation. As part of method development, key performance criteria such as accuracy, precision, linearity, specificity, system suitability, etc., are evaluated. These development data serve as a baseline for subsequent protocol-driven qualification and/or validation studies.

Scorpius performs method qualification of non-compendial product-specific methods to demonstrate their suitability for use in QC release and stability testing of drug substance and drug product intended for Phase I/II clinical studies. We recommend that full method validation be performed prior to utilizing methods during process characterization and validation, and QC release testing of drug substance and drug product for Phase III clinical studies.