IsoPlexis Technology

Single Cell Functional Proteomics

Scorpius offers comprehensive, single cell functional proteomics with the IsoLight Proteomics Hub from IsoPlexis. This multiplexed system offers discovery of biomarkers from the secretome and intracellular proteome, providing a means of describing each immune cell by its true functional biology. The IsoLight system enables single cell functional phenotyping, identifying a range of 30+ cytokines allowing for the phenotypic analysis of each immune cell by its extracellular function. A client’s full proteomic needs can be integrated into the completely automated IsoLight system, supporting an entire multiplexed ELISA workflow.



IsoLight provides a solution for the functional characterization of cell therapy products or can capture single-cell, secretomic, cytokine profiles from thousands of single cells in parallel to better understand the complex patient response after immunotherapy.

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