Partner With Us

Scorpius may be able to provide options to approach funding the manufacturing for your biologics project. You can always contract directly with Scorpius for manufacturing, but an exciting option may be establishing an equity alliance with a partner organization for further biomanufacturing services.

Biologic Contract Manufacturing

Scorpius is a full-service biologics CDMO, offering process development, cGMP manufacturing, lot release testing, stability testing, bioanalysis and clinical trial support.

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Equity Alliance

Scorpius can provide an introduction to a third-party partnering organization that may have interest in obtaining a partial equity stake in your biologic. This company may assist with partially funding further biomanufacturing processes. Process development, bioanalysis, and cGMP compliant manufacturing will be contracted with Scorpius, but may be partially funded by the third-party partner. This option may be of interest to clients with drug candidates that require additional financial and scientific assistance to get to the clinic.

Navigating the Options

Scorpius' partnering team helps you navigate the route to manufacturing your biologic drug. For additional information, connect with them here: